Since the year 2000, I have worked steadily as a freelance graphic designer, always striving to further develop my creative talents. When I first started out, I was producing print ads for Kendrick Astro Instruments to run in such publications as Astronomy magazine, Sky + Telescope, Sky News and Parks Canada.

In order to facilitate the passion I had for design and marketing, I had worked at various computer shops over the years such as CPused and CCBC, keeping myself close to the technological side of things. Over the course of my career, I have seized every opportunity to exercise my design skills.

These experiences eventually led to a management position within the creative department of a direct marketing company in 2004. My experience as a Sr. Art Director for Qponz Inc. gave me the chance to really put my management, creative, and technical skills to the test. I recognized that the advertising industry is constantly changing, growing, and altering the ways in which we communicate through the vast world of media.

After a couple years, this company went through some restructuring and as a result my position was consolidated.

By this point I could see that websites were becoming a very prevalent part of business. I knew that that it was time to branch out. In order to acquire the kind of foundation I sought, I chose to return to school to finish what I started back in 1999 in the graphic design program at George Brown College. They had earned themselves a very credible reputation since I was last there and I knew that the curriculum was very current and well rounded.

Since graduating with honours in April 2010, I have held my position as Webmaster for Interactive Toy Concepts since June 2011. During my time with this company on a consulting basis, I have continued to embark on various independent projects as well as obtaining other positions such as Sr. Production artist for BAM Builder Advertising and Marketing.

I am passionate about life, and don’t like to back down from conflict or challenge. I am very ambitious and always look for opportunities that will enrich and inspire me.


Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website. I look forward to the possibilities in doing business together
in the near future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me any time. I would glady answer any of your inquiries.


In this section you will see a combination of student projects and commercial work. This range helps show the transition between some of my earliest pieces such as Kendrick Astro Instruments and Mezzanotté Trattoria and how far I have
come as a designer since then.

Returning to school was an incredible personal investment that has provided not only extensive retooling, but also the credentials to help support my journey in this diverse and dynamic industry.

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When I entered the realm of designing for the web, I found myself embracing the wonderful world of coding. I was intrigued and excited about creating something that had so many more layers after being so accustomed to print based material.

While building these websites, I came to appreciate how important it is to tell a story and how crucial continuity is. When
I build these sites, I take great pride in creating content that is very easy to navigate.

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Multimedia coming soon....

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