At Posh Hair Online we offer 100% human Remy clip-in hair extensions. Our product ensures you are getting the best Remy hair on the market for the best price. When choosing us, you are not only making the sensible choice, but you will have a product you can feel confident about. We are here to help you find the hair extension that's right for you — a refreshingly honest company based in Whitby, ON., Canada


Extensive market research conducted to find the best quality for the best price


Our hair extensions use 100% human hair.


These prices are very competitive. We go to great lengths to keep costs down for the consumer.


These hair extensions will not break down the way other products will. These are built to last.


We offer a wide array of colours to suit your individual needs.


Instantly adds volume and length. Customers can change hair colour (by wearing these extensions) without going through chemical process on their own hair .

In this section you will find hairstyles for every occasion inspired by our Posh Hair Online extensions. We encourage you to check back, as this section will be updated regularly.


At Posh Hair Online, we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We will not cut corners. Customer satisfaction is what matters most.


After years of wearing clip-in-extensions, they were either too thin or the higher quality ones would be too expensive. What started as a personal journey in search of a more viable solution, became a chance to offer great quality extensions at an affordable price, so that every woman can have the hair of their choice.

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  •   Whitby, ON, Canada


These are some of our many satisfied customers.
I have recently bought a hair extension from Posh Hair Online. I bought Golden blonde extensions, Mademoiselle collection, 160 g. They blend in perfectly. The colour is gorgeous and the length is perfect for me, especially for the price. Great service too. Would recommend.

Shana L.


I purchased a pair of jet black extensions 220g. I was hesitant, especially because I bought extensions from other companies and they were horrible. My issue was the shedding, which was really embarrassing.

Posh Hair online extensions do not shed. I washed them, used heat and they still looked like new. I have had them for almost 2 months and I've received so many compliments. These extensions are generous with the hair, they are double drawn, so I expect they will last long. Customer service was also exceptional.


Sarnia, Ontario


Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help and can be reached by filling out the contact form below or by visiting us on social media. Posh Hair Online will respond to your inquiry in a very professional and timely manner. Thank you for your interest in our products and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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All of our hair extensions are 18" in length

Thank you for choosing Posh Hair Online for all your hair extension needs. We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience. All prices are is USD. Please use the currency calculator below this section, to determine the current exchange rate for your country.


This set includes 10 wefts (2x4", 2x3", 2x2", 4x1").


This set includes 10 wefts (2x4", 2x3", 2x2", 4x1").


This set includes 12 wefts (2x4", 2x3", 2x2", 6x1").

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One small piece of the hair will be taped separately inside the lid of the box, with the label "try me". The customers will have the option to check the colour and the thickness. The rest of the hair will be inside the box, with the label "cannot exchange or return if opened". If that package is opened, one can not exchange or return. If you are not satisfied with the results of the sample, you can exchange or return the unopened item for a full refund within 30 days.


Wherever you are in the world we we will cover basic shipping fees. Some international orders might be subject to customs brokerage fees in which the customer will be responsible for.



160g would be suitable for someone with thin hair, 220g for someone with thin to medium and 240g for someone with thick hair.
Video demonstrations will be available very soon. Thank you for your patience.
We recommend a minimum length of 6 inches. Stay tuned for instructional videos.
If the hair extension inside the box remains sealed, a full refund or exchange can be provided within 30 days.

Yes. You can treat them as your natural hair. You can cut them, dye them and use hot tools. However, when you use hot tools we recommend that you use hair protector — treat it as you would your natural hair.

Remember, the more you dye your hair, or use hot tools — you are shortening the life span of your extensions.

Canada and US 5-7 business days. International 10-14 business days.
Yes, we will provide the tracking information. An email confirmation will be sent.

As much as we try to keep sufficient stock levels, due to supply and demand sometimes we might not have your colour in our North American warehouse.

We encourage you to still place your order. This will ensure you will be properly put in the cue, as backorders are filled.

It means the hair is the same thickness from top to bottom. Natural hair tends to be thinning at the ends, but our hair is the same thickness throughout, ensuring that you have a full set of hair from top to bottom.

Hair extensions do not have to be washed as often as your natural hair, because they are not attached to your cuticles. We recommend to wash it once per month using mild shampoo, preferably ones that do not contain alcohol . Also, You can skip the shampoo process and simply deep condition your extensions.

It is normal that your extensions shed a little, especially the first few wears. If a company claims that their extensions are not shedding at all, they are not being truthful.

However, when you brush your hair and a few strands are coming out, it's ok. If your hair is shedding and chunks of hair are falling out, this is defective. Please let us know immediately and we can provide a replacement. Please use our contact form by clicking here

We ship from our warehouse in Whitby, ON, Canada